I’m an Englishman who lives in Norway – so my blog site is a bit of a linguistic mix. The English language stuff is all on @PaulWaters. That includes whatever has caught my attention on the subject of faith, society, history – or generally whatever caught my attention… @PaulMWaters is roughly the same kind of thing, only in Norwegian. This blog, «Dypere» (formerly «Get Deeper»), is a Norwegian blog with my reflections connected to the Bible in a more direct way. I believe that religious faith has to impact every day life if it’s going to be any more than empty ceremony, and I hope what I write reflects that.

I’ve got four children aged 9 – 22, have eclectic tastes in music and like a good book. I watch a lot of films – at home – but left to myself would probably close my eyes and listen to a record (I’ve still got some genuine «records» from the 70s and 80s, which dates me, I know).

If you want to know any more – you’ll have to ask (or follow me on Twitter: @PaulMWaters)


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